cover image After I Dream

After I Dream

Rachel Lee. Warner Books, $21.5 (17pp) ISBN 978-0-446-60654-7

Psychologist Callie Carlson's family made its Key West livelihood from the ocean for generations. When her fisherman father is lost at sea, and her brother, Jeff, is arrested for murder after a salvaging job goes wrong, Callie becomes embittered and angry--and trying to get over the breakup with her longtime boyfriend doesn't help. But then she meets her new next-door neighbor, Chase Mattingly, a handsome ex-Navy SEAL recuperating from a serious diving accident. Chase is sorting out his own demons from the deep, and the further he gets involved with Callie, the stranger his life becomes. Is he truly hallucinating from narcosis-induced paranoia, or is someone out to get him? As Chase is drawn into Callie's life, it becomes evident that solving Jeff's problem may also give him some answers. Lee (Before I Sleep) skillfully constructs a suspenseful story--with romance in all the right places--and never loses control of her clean, tight plot. (Mar.)