Rachel Lee, . . Mira, $6.50 (376pp) ISBN 978-0-7783-2004-3

An attention-grabbing prologue narrated by the family dog sets the pace for this supernatural thriller set on a wealthy Caribbean island. When an unseen force rips the life and all the bodily substance from several San Martin citizens, territorial medical examiner Declan Quinn fears the cause may be a deadly disease. But the dogs of San Martin know better, especially Kato, a wolf-husky hybrid owned by the island vet, Markie Cross. The dogs sense what the old-time locals know; evil Annie Black, who has been dead for the past 200 years, is back. A couple of greedy mortals have unwittingly summoned Annie's spirit by searching for her treasure, which is buried on Markie's land. To save Markie from being consumed by Annie's spirit, Declan devises a risky plan that will destroy Annie's ghost but may harm Markie, too. Like Lee's previous offerings (With Malice, etc.), this tale is both entertaining and informative, offering a wealth of information on forensic science, the control of contagious diseases and the emotional and physical attributes of our four-legged friends. With its smartly paced dialogue and seamless interweaving of both canine and human viewpoints, this well-rounded story is sure to be one of Lee's top-selling titles. (Jan.)