cover image A Fateful Choice

A Fateful Choice

Rachel Lee. Mira Books, $5.99 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-55166-173-5

Lawyer Jennifer Fox hires a hit man to murder her, because life is no longer worth living after her husband and children are killed in a plane crash. Right after she lays out $50,000 for the hit, she discovers that the crash was no accident. In order to find the bad guys, she must stop the hit man; and to do that, she enlists Rock Rydell, a tough soldier of fortune. (you know he's tough because his speech is peppered with hells and damns). Jennifer and Rook, and a huge English mastiff, let a snowy Colorado winter bring them in from the emotional cold, in Lee's competent, if not sensational, journey into Tami Hoag/Karen Robards territory. (Nov.)