cover image As the World Churns

As the World Churns

Tamar Myers / Author Obsidian Mysteries $21.95 (260p) ISBN 978

Myers's 15th Pennsylvania Dutch cozy (after 2007's Hell Hath No Curry) will mainly appeal to established fans who have become fond of series heroine Magdalena Yoder, the Mennonite mayor of Hernia, Pa. Yoder has finally married her love interest, Dr. Gabriel Rosen, but their honeymoon is short-lived; between the interference of a stereotypical meddling Jewish mother-in-law and an escaped murderer, she finds her hands full. The inn she manages, the PennDutch, has been booked for a cow competition, but an assault on one of the judges gives Yoder yet another problem to deal with. Yoder's broad sense of humor and high self-regard won't endear her to everyone.