cover image The Bleeding Dusk

The Bleeding Dusk

Colleen Gleason, . . Signet Eclipse, $7.99 (353pp) ISBN 978-0-451-22326-5

Gleason's latest in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles picks up a year after Rises the Night . Victoria Gardella is mourning her husband, Lord Rockley, and eager to get back to work as a venator. She becomes aware of a plot by the demon Akvan to break through the Door of the Alchemists and steal valuable secrets that will bring him to full power. Complicating matters is the return of venator Maximilian Pesaro, still in thrall to Lilith and determined to break free. Sebastian Vioget, ally of both Victoria and his vampire grandfather Beauregard, has a secret that will change the balance of power. And all three, none of whom trust each other very much, must band together to stop Akvan. The chemistry between Sebastian and Victoria is palpable, and Max is given a level of depth lacking in previous installments. Gleason, who ends the book on a cliffhanger, is really on a roll. (Feb.)