cover image Lucinda's Authentic Jamaican Kitchen

Lucinda's Authentic Jamaican Kitchen

Lucinda Scala Quinn, . . Wiley, $17.95 (127pp) ISBN 978-0-471-74935-6

Culled from Quinn's Jamaican Cooking , published in 1997, this slim collection of Jamaican recipes reflects Quinn's love affair with Jamaican food and culture. The introduction moves from the origins of Jamaican cooking styles—which span diverse ethnic traditions—to a tour of roadside stops where specialties include Fish Tea, a savory hot broth, and pork, chicken or sausage with jerk sauce. Recipes such as Chicken Fricasee, Codfish Fritters, Stewed Fish, and Pepper Shrimp or Curry Shrimp can be made with readily available ingredients, but in cases where more unusual ingredients are needed—bammy, bread made from grated cassava; or callaloo, a hearty, firm leafy green—Quinn describes the ingredient and offers suggestions for substitutions. Scotch bonnets, small but very spicy-hot peppers, are called for in many recipes, reinforcing the notion that Jamaican food is hot and making readers thankful for the inclusion of enticing recipes for refreshing beverages such as Pineappleade and Ginger Beer. Although the book may not succeed in convincing home cooks brand new to Jamaican cuisine to try it—the head notes are flat, and the book lacks energy—those already converted will enjoy these recipes. (Apr.)