cover image The Food of Morocco

The Food of Morocco

Paula Wolfert. Ecco, $45 (529p) ISBN 978-0-06195-7550

Collecting recipes from all regions of Morocco, Wolfert (Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking) takes readers on a guided tour of Morocco's rich cuisine in what is arguably her best cookbook on the subject. Deftly balancing authenticity with ease of preparation, Wolfert's superb collection will have carnivores and vegetarians alike eagerly compiling their shopping lists. There are recipes for Tagine of Baby Calamari with Red Pepper and Tomato; Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder with Browned Almonds; and Spiced Brain Salad with Preserved Lemons (tip: parboiling the brains robs them of vital nutrients; it's better to simply rinse them). Once home cooks have stocked their pantries with a few key spices, such as saffron and Ceylon cinnamon, would-be Moroccan chefs will be perfectly prepare a meal. Wolfert is an eager and encouraging host, walking readers through the various regions and their signature dishes as well as the handful of ingredients that make the cuisine so distinctive. (Oct.)