cover image The Secret Language of Sisters

The Secret Language of Sisters

Luanne Rice. Scholastic/Point, $18.99 (352p) ISBN 978-0-545-83955-6

Sisters Tilly and Roo have been through everything, including their father’s sudden death only a year ago. When an impatient Tilly texts Roo to pick her up at a museum, Roo makes a split-second decision that changes her life forever. Paralyzed and feeling hopeless, 16-year-old Roo, the “perfect, genius, made-for-the-Ivy-League” sister, finds herself stuck in a body that won’t respond, surrounded by loved ones slowly drifting away from her. Alternating between the perspectives of both sisters, bestselling adult author Rice (Home Fires) navigates the delicate territory of sisterhood and accountability in her first book for teens. When 14-year-old Tilly discovers that she is responsible for the text that harmed her sister, this knowledge instigates a series of actions that damage relationships, possibly beyond repair. Rice skillfully examines the way one mistake can shatter the lives of many, though the dialogue centering on disability language and the dangers of texting is heavy-handed in places. With the help of supportive doctors and new friends, both girls find ways to express themselves and prove that sisterhood is an unbreakable bond. Ages 12–up. [em]Agent: Andrea Cirillo, Jane Rotrosen Agency. (Feb.) [/em]