cover image Crazy in Love

Crazy in Love

Luanne Rice. Viking Books, $18.95 (320pp) ISBN 978-0-670-82131-0

Georgie Swift Symonds is crazy in love with her Wall Street lawyer husband Nickso ``crazy'' in fact, that she has paranoic fantasies that he is unfaithful, and she hounds him with obsessive suspicions. And, she so cherishes her familyher pugnaciously senile grandmother Pem; her TV-celebrity mother Honora; her sister Clare, brother-in-law Donald and two nephewsthat she spends much of her time dreading any change or loss in their close intimacy. The three generations of women and the men who have married into the clan live in a family compound on the Sound in Connecticut. Though she is childless and nearly devoid of domestic responsibilities, Georgie doesn't want a job that will remove her from the family nest. She conceives of a project she dubs the Swift Observatory: interviewing people whose lives have been radically altered by sudden tragedy. But try as she might to avoid it, change does come to Georgie and her family in unpredictable ways. Rice (Angels All Over Town) conveys the delights and pains of loving relationships with verve and charm, and she charts Georgie's deepening maturation with a sure hand, mingling humor and poignancy. While readers may find Georgie's immersion in the hermetic family relationship a bit suffocating and cloying, Rice's skill with fluid dialogue and the appeal of her engaging characters more than compensate for this drawback. (August)