cover image How Spider Saved Valentine's Day

How Spider Saved Valentine's Day

Robert Kraus. Scholastic, $1.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-590-33743-4

. OriginalKraus's boldly colored pictures illustrate this homage to the February holiday. Rushing to insect school, Spider stops to buy tokens of affection and a bag of heart-shaped candy. In the classroom, he puts a valentine for Ladybug and one for Fly in the box provided by the teacher, Miss Quito. Spider shares the candy with pals during recess and the day is happy until Miss Quito distributes the valentines and there is none for the hungry caterpillars, dozing in the back row. Now is the time for Spider to use his wits and save the day, and he does, just as the fuzzy ones become butterflies to the surprise of everyone except, possibly, the story's readers. (3-5)