cover image Where Are You Going, Little Mouse ?

Where Are You Going, Little Mouse ?

Robert Kraus. Greenwillow Books, $16 (34pp) ISBN 978-0-688-04294-3

The beloved Whose Mouse Are You? has a sequel! This newest work is in vivid color, with amusing and delightfully detailed paintings. ""Where are you going, little mouse?'' ``As far from home as I can go,'' he replies. He sets off on a quest as we glimpse a saddened, lonely family of mice. Little mouse moans: ``They don't love me. They won't miss me.'' He wants another, more exciting family that will fulfill his fantasies of unlimited attention, food, fun and adventure, but soon realizes that home is best after all. ``By the way they kiss and hug me I can tell they really love me. I love them too.'' This wonderfully understated picture book resonates with emotions deeply felt by young children: rejection, elation, reconciliation, comfort, love. Fifteen years was much too long to wait for this gem. (3-6)