cover image Fourteen and Holding

Fourteen and Holding

Candice F. Ransom. Scholastic, $2.5 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-590-40501-0

Kobie, who previously starred in Thirteen, has to face high school without her best friend Gretchen. But they've agreed to keep lists of the ""right things'' that the elite kids do, so they can imitate and be accepted. Then Kobie finds herself on the wrong side ofa home-ec teacher and a tough girl named Jeanette. Though she seeks her guidance counselor's help, he's always too busy to listen. A well-meaning friend named Sandy only exacerbates Kobie's problems, and Gretchen, involved with her own concerns, quits trying to help. How Kobie gets all this straightened out will surprise and cheer readers who have found that adjusting to school has its problems. Ransom has a buoyant style; she understands just how complicated school and family life can be. Good fun. Ages 11-13. (July)