cover image The Famously Funny Parrott: Four Tales from the Bird Himself

The Famously Funny Parrott: Four Tales from the Bird Himself

Eric Daniel Weiner, illus. by Brian Biggs. Delacorte, $15.99 (144p) ISBN 978-0-593-37820-5

Wooster- and Jeeves-esque portrayals characterize Dora the Explorer cocreator Weiner’s debut, a sweetly absurdist domestic comedy starring avian dandy Frederick “Freddie” Parrott and his capable pig-like butler, staid Oswald Peccary. Freddie’s exuberant voice narrates the volume’s four energetic chapters as the animal duo investigates an apparently self-knocking front door, searches for a missing batch of coveted waffle batter, navigates the perils of a windy autumn drive, and rescues the Parrott family from a brunch-related public embarrassment. Black-and-white illustrations from Biggs (How to Bake a Universe) admirably capture the animals’ outsize personalities and buoy the freewheeling story line’s humor, as do recurring characters, including two long-suffering local police officers and the opening tale’s vociferous, knock-knock-joke-telling front door. Zippy dialogue, sharp comic timing, and a genuine affinity between Freddie and Peccary help keep the well-trod dynamic from becoming stale in this effervescent and compulsively readable chapter book of friendship. Ages 7–10. (Dec.)