cover image Perfect


Judith McNaught. Pocket Books, $22 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-671-79552-8

Bestselling author McNaught ( Something Wonderful ) dishes up a satisfying romantic adventure. A real gun substituted for a prop on the set of director Zack Benedict's latest movie results in his adulterous wife's murder, for which he's convicted. Escape from prison (and the requisite sadistic warden) throws Zack into the life of Julie Mathison, whose Blazer he highjacks to a remote Colorado hideout. Once the outcome of an escape attempt convinces Julie that Zack is no murderer, their affair is a foregone conclusion. It tears down walls for them both, but he sends her away and flees the country. Her plans to elude a personally interested FBI agent and reunite with Zack end in Zack's capture; then, a related murder and Zack's grandmother's accusation that he played a part in his brother's death make Julie doubt her lover. Once the true killer is discovered, she bitterly regrets having betrayed Zack, but will the man who never gives anyone a second chance make an exception for love? Despite an abundance of cliches, this expert genre foray works, thanks to involving characterizations and convincingly drawn action. Major ad/promo; BOMC main se lec tion. (May)