cover image Crown of Dreams: Crown of Dreams

Crown of Dreams: Crown of Dreams

Kimberly Cates. Pocket Books, $5.99 (400pp) ISBN 978-0-671-79601-3

Devlin Chastain's joy in her imminent marriage to Braden Tracey is spoiled when Myles Farringdon appears on the scene: her nemesis in childhood, he is now a Jacobite, hunted by soldiers as a traitor. When Devlin is spotted helping Myles escape, she has no choice but to flee to Scotland with him, where Myles insists that they become engaged for her protection. Initially indignant, Devlin finally agrees to a deal: Myles will notify Braden of where to find her; if Braden arrives and claims his bride within two weeks, he can have her; otherwise Myles will marry her. Braden appears while Devlin and Myles are at a ball at Charles Stuart's residence, Holyroodhouse, and the course of Devlin's future is set. That this historical romance includes very little history is a mercy, for what little there is, is rendered with excessive sentimentality and little feel for the period. It offers a bit more in the way of plot, although Cates ( Only Forever ) tends to squander her text on cute lovers' arguments and fanciful musings. And the irksome part is that, if Devlin and Myles's lively escape scene is any indicator, this author is capable of much more interesting work. (Jan.)