cover image Angel Bride: Angel Bride

Angel Bride: Angel Bride

Diane Haeger. Pocket Books, $5.99 (464pp) ISBN 978-0-671-86481-1

Although marred by repetitive writing, this rewarding story by the author of Courtesan creates a high-caliber historical of 1870s New York that brings together immigrants and Boston brahmins. The world Tessa Murphy glimpses while helping her ailing father deliver milk to the Hoffman House Hotel is a far cry from her own impoverished tenement. When aristocratic and wealthy Bostonian Chandler Tate, seeking refuge in New York from his mean-spirited sister Daphne, is knocked unconscious by the Murphy milk wagon, the handsome, unconventional Chandler awakens and is quickly smitten by the beautiful Tessa. Despite misgivings about class differences, and Chandler's secretiveness on the subject of his late wife, the two marry following a whirlwind courtship of glittering evenings and shopping sprees. Back in Chandler's Boston home, Tessa must grapple with Daphne, the Beacon Hill doyenne who is none too happy with her brother's morganatic match. With pluck and courage, spirited Tessa must come to terms not only with Daphne but with her complex, tormented husband and the dark secret from his past. Despite being overlong in parts, Angel Bride carries readers along through compelling characters and an engrossing narrative. (Sept.)