cover image Alpha Bugs: A Pop Up Alphabet Book

Alpha Bugs: A Pop Up Alphabet Book

David Carter. Little Simon, $17.95 (26pp) ISBN 978-0-671-86631-0

Where will they strike next? A jar of olives (medium, pitted, California), a waffle iron (silver, black-handled), a rock (plain, brown)-each conceals a daffy insect invention from the creator of How Many Bugs in a Box? and Jingle Bugs. In Carter's latest, familiar objects (umbrella, doughnut, hammer, etc.) are given (appropriately named) bug eyes and, often, antennae; they are wittily transformed into members of an odd but comical alphabet species. The subtitle doesn't quite do the book justice, since there as many pull-tabs and liftable flaps as true pop-ups (and a turning wheel, a tactile powder puff and even a scratchable ``fancy fragrant Flower Bug'')-but that minor cavil certainly won't prevent kids from having a grand time as they discover three particularly peppy specimens lurking in a ``jar of jumping Jellybean Bugs'' or lift a vibrant green vine to uncover ``two terribly timid Tomato Bugs.'' Amusing alliteration and a zany sense of humor deliver fun with every letter. Ages 2-4. (Sept.)