cover image Says Who?: A Pop Up Book of Animals Sounds

Says Who?: A Pop Up Book of Animals Sounds

David A. Carter. Little Simon, $14.95 (10pp) ISBN 978-0-671-72923-3

Although not as whimsical as How Many Bugs in a Box? or Jingle Bugs , Carter's latest will keep its audience thoroughly entertained. A series of dialogue balloons on richly decorated panels conducts an auditory guessing game: ``I'm big and furry and I eat berries. GRRR! / Says who?'' Lift the flap (on this spread disguised as shrubbery) and the answer is revealed--``GRRR! I'm a BEAR'' announces the creature, its three-dimensional muzzle opening and closing in silent confirmation. Other clues introduce a winking owl, a snake that uncurls from a spiral-cut cardboard circle and relatively tame renditions of tiger, birds, bees, seal and frogs. The whole clan gathers on the final spread for a spirited hootenanny--and a review quiz (``Who says HISS!? Who says ARK! ARK!?'' etc.). Ages 3-6. (Mar.)