cover image Princess Bugs: A Touch-and-Feel Fairy Tale

Princess Bugs: A Touch-and-Feel Fairy Tale

David A. Carter. S&S/Little Simon, $12.99 (16p) ISBN 978-1-4424-5055-4

Carter’s bugs know no bounds, and in this addition to his expansive series, Bitsy Bug takes a dream journey into a “magical land, far, far away.” During Bitsy’s travels, she meets Jewel Flower Bugs (with shiny gems in the center of their blooms), a Cupcake Bug, and even a Unicorn Bug with purple felt dapples. Carter tucks visual cues for the next scenes into his images, helping draw readers through the book, and the eye-catching visuals and tactile novelties pad the ultralight story line. Ages 3–7. (May)