cover image Yellow Blue Jay

Yellow Blue Jay

Johanna Hurwitz. William Morrow & Company, $15 (112pp) ISBN 978-0-688-06078-7

From the author of such popular books as Aldo Applesauce and Busybody Nora comes a slight story about eight-year-old Jay Koota, who hates new experiences. For Jay, a city boy, his family's summer trip to Vermont is a trial. He has never been in the woods, never slept in the top bunk of a double-decker bed, never gone without TV for two weeksbut he's stuck. Furthermore, his family is sharing their vacation house with friends, so Jay will have to spend time with 12-year-old Mickey. To Jay's surprise, though, the vacation proceeds much more smoothly than heor the readerexpected. Jay meets his fears and finds out there's not much to be afraid of, but the telling is so quiet it becomes bland. Younger readers, however, may sympathize with Jay and enjoy this gentle story. (7-10)