cover image Aldo Peanut Butter

Aldo Peanut Butter

Johanna Hurwitz. Morrow Junior Books, $12.95 (113pp) ISBN 978-0-688-09751-6

It is easy to understand why Aldo, who has been featured in a number of Hurwitz's lighthearted novels, is such a favorite with middle readers. The affable lad has a knack for getting himself into--and eventually out of--some sticky situations, with plenty of laughter along the way. In his latest caper, Aldo has a bountiful birthday: he receives five puppies as presents, but is allowed to keep only two--Peanut and Butter. When Aldo's parents must leave home for couple of weeks, the dogs help keep the household in a state of constant uproar. Butter tries to jump into Aldo's lap at breakfast, and gets covered with maple syrup. And when the next-door neighbor's lawn is dug up several times during the night, she is convinced that Aldo's pets are the culprits, but Aldo is determined to prove her wrong. Hurwitz keeps her story hopping, and Aldo's fans will be pleased to learn that their hero is as adept as ever at finding misadventure. Ages 7-up. (Sept.)