cover image Where's the Fish?

Where's the Fish?

Taro Gomi. William Morrow & Company, $11.95 (25pp) ISBN 978-0-688-06241-5

A glowing cerise fish swims in the shining turquoise water of a fish bowl, eye-catching and intriguing. ""There's the fish,'' the minimal text declares. On the following pages, when the fish leaps out of its bowl and hides chameleon-like among the dots of a curtain, on one of the stems of a bunch of flowers, and among brightly-covered candies in a jar, readers will be hooked as they are asked, ``Where's the fish?'' The simple game becomes more complex and challenging, ending when the fish becomes one among many of its kind in the sea, ``home at last.'' The author of Coco Can't Wait and Hi, Butterfly! has concocted a playful, entertaining feast for the mind and the eye that stimulates imagination as it sharpens observation. (27)