cover image Toot!


Taro Gomi. William Morrow & Company, $12.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-688-06420-4

When Albert recovers from his illness, he discovers that his trumpet""Blat! Blatchoo!''has caught his flu. ``Sleep well,'' Albert says as he tucks the trumpet in bed. By morning the trumpet is ``Good as New!'' First published in Japan, Gomi's colorful book contains bright illustrations and a slight text that is sometimes misleading, as when we see Albert jumping just when the text insists ``he had to stay in bed.'' But whimsical humor abounds, as the ``Blat!'' of the trumpet causes animals to fall senseless out of a purple tree. Particularly charming are the ubiquitous rabbits with whiskers white as icing who tumble through the pages, silently commenting on the action. (2-5)