cover image You’ll Think of Me

You’ll Think of Me

Robin Lee Hatcher. Thomas Nelson, $12.99 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-0-7180-8594-0

Hatcher, award-winning author of more than 75 books, (The Shepherd’s Voice) once again takes readers on a journey of hope, patience, and love with her story of a deeply wounded woman who has no choice but to return to her childhood hometown. Brooklyn ran away and eloped at 17 with Chad to escape her abusive father. After Chad left at the first sign that she was pregnant, Brooklyn spent years scraping by, waitressing and living with her daughter, Alycia, in a run-down apartment. When Chad dies 10 years later, he leaves behind two letters: one for Brooklyn and Alycia, willing Alycia his family’s acreage, and one for his childhood best friend and next door neighbor, Derek, explaining he can’t sell the family property to Derek as they’d planned and requesting that Derek be a father figure to Alycia. Both Brooklyn and Derek must now confront changes to their expectations and hopes for the future. Derek is crushed, not only because his dream of expanding his farm is up in smoke but because proximity and Chad’s request mean he must now spend time with Brooklyn, whom he never liked. These characters, and the reader, are in for a heartwarming journey of redemption, forgiveness, and embracing the future. (Apr.)