cover image Mist Over the Water

Mist Over the Water

Alys Clare, . . Severn, $28.95 (247pp) ISBN 978-0-7278-6848-0

Norman plans to build a cathedral on the Isle of Ely in East Anglia lead to trouble in Clare’s less than compelling second medieval historical featuring apprentice healer Lassair (after 2009’s Out of the Dawn Light ). When unknown assailants attack Lassair’s cousin Morcar while he’s fishing for eels one night, they leave him close to death. With Lassair’s teacher otherwise engaged, she must try to save Morcar’s life. After she succeeds in stabilizing her patient, 16-year-old Lassair turns her attention to identifying the men responsible for the assault and their motives. She soon learns that the culprits, who may be connected with a local monastery, are still looking to tie up loose ends by eliminating Morcar—and that they’re prepared to kill her as well. Clare (the pseudonym for British author Elizabeth Harris) has done a better job of creating interesting lead characters and settings in her Hawkenlye series (The Joys of My Life , etc.). (Feb.)