cover image Chain of Evidence: A Burren Mystery

Chain of Evidence: A Burren Mystery

Cora Harrison. Severn, $28.95 (224p) ISBN 978-0-7278-8245-5

The death of the heir of clan MacNamara propels the plot of Harrison’s solid ninth 16th-century historical set in the Burren of Ireland (after 2012’s Laws in Conflict). The man’s kin gather to determine his successor, but before things can be settled, Garrett MacNamara, the clan’s chieftain, turns up trampled to death—the apparent victim of a cattle stampede. Irish judge Mara hears conflicting reports as to whether the body was found with a chain on one leg, which heightens her suspicions of foul play. Aided by her faithful law students, she investigates. The situation is made more complex by the presence on the scene of an emissary of Cardinal Wolsey, Stephen Gardiner, who claims to be in the area to study the legal system. The solution isn’t one of Harrison’s cleverest, and some series fans will be disappointed that less is going on with her protagonist’s personal life than usual. Agent: Peter Buckman, the Ampersand Agency (U.K.). (May)