cover image Forever Young: Ten Gifts of Faith for the Graduate

Forever Young: Ten Gifts of Faith for the Graduate

Karen Kingsbury, Pat Williams. Faith Communications, $14.95 (167pp) ISBN 978-0-7573-0253-4

This collection of quick nuggets of Christian inspiration for young people come just in time for graduation season. Williams, a manager of professional sports teams and a motivational speaker, and Kingsbury, a bestselling CBA novelist, have more than two dozen children between them, so they know a thing or two about inspiring teens. (At one time, incredibly, 16 of William's 19 children were all teenagers.) The book's content does not break any new ground, covering 10 basic themes for a successful life: cling to God, dare to dream, embrace a healthy lifestyle, never give up, work hard, be a lifelong learner, laugh loudly and often, maintain enthusiasm for life, handle obstacles with maturity and optimism, and open yourself to love. Unfortunately, the brief stories that are grouped into each thematic chapter are not tied together by any cohesive narrative; they tumble onto one another like topical sermon illustrations in a pastor's reference book. But each chapter closes with inspirational quotes from historical and contemporary figures, urging youth to be their best selves.