cover image Tuesday's Child

Tuesday's Child

Fern Michaels. Kensington, $24 (352p) ISBN 978-0-7582-7479-3

Michaels's newest (after Betrayal) is a simple summer read that should please fans looking for a quick escape. In 2000, defense attorney Mikala Aulani lost a case that resulted in her client, Sophie Lee, being convicted of a murder that Kala still doesn't believe she committed. Ten years later, on the eve of Kala's retirement, Adam Star, the husband of the victim, comes to Kala mere days before his death and confesses to murdering his wife. In attempt to make up for her suffering, he leaves Sophie millions in reparations. When the prosecutor, Ryan Spenser, comes under fire for the wrongful conviction, and with Kala makes clear her intentions to sue on behalf of Sophie , secrets come out that will shake relationships and destroy what had long been established as truth. The story is not particularly complex or surprising, but Kala is a likeable character with just enough spunk to keep readers engaged. (July)