cover image Shark and Lobster's Undersea Adventure

Shark and Lobster's Undersea Adventure

Viviane Schwarz, Author, Viviane Schwarz, Illustrator, Joel Stewart, Ill

Irrational fear propels the silly undersea antics of best pals Lobster and Shark in this paper-over-board offbeat volume—an intriguing stylistic cross between picture-book and graphic-novel. Shark confides to Lobster one day that he's scared—of tigers. "I've heard of them! They walk on their teeth , they glow in the dark , and they eat you up !" confirms Lobster. In their zeal to protect themselves from the stripey menace, the friends construct a fortress, an act that attracts attention and help from a cuttlefish and a cadre of spiky crabs, who supply 700 rocks and a piano. The crew decides that a monster is the only sure-fire security solution and they fetch a huge, ugly sleeping one from deep below. When said monster awakes, tiger phobia suddenly becomes low on the list of worries, as evidenced by the sea creatures scattering willy-nilly, and the remnants of the black-and-white piano keys. Creating a fun sense of deep-water exploration, husband-and-wife team Schwarz and Stewart (The Adventures of a Nose ) serve up a clever, vertically oriented format here. The hand-lettered speech bubbles and comics-like panels that alternate with full-page and full-spread illustrations, flooded with Stewart's ink-lined and digitally colored zany characters add to the appealing visual zing. Kids will savor knowing more than the undersea heroes, and appreciate the tale's triumphant message. Ages 3-6. (June)