cover image Knitty Kitty

Knitty Kitty

David Elliott, , illus. by Christopher Denise. . Candlewick, $16.99 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-7636-3169-7

Denise's (The Great Redwall Feast ) vibrant, old-school acrylic-and-ink pictures dominate this simple story of a mother cat who knits winter gear for her three kittens. There's not a speck of white space; every lush illustration stretches across a full-bleed spread, enveloping readers in the golden warmth of the kittens' fire-lit home and the enchantment of the winter wonderland beyond its windows. Whiskers bristle and tails have a life of their own; in one picture a curious kitten is distracted from a ball of yarn by the sight of its mother's tail uncurling from beneath her dress. Elliott (And Here's to You! ) tells the story in economical, repetitive and rhythmic words and phrases that further lull and comfort: “Clickety-click. Lickety-split. Knitty Kitty sits and knits.” The minimal plot has the kittens giving away the cozy hat, scarf and mittens their mother has fashioned to the naked snowman in their yard before settling into their pillowed basket at bedtime, needing only their mother to keep them warm. A book as “cozy, comfy and toasty” as the objects it describes. Ages 4–8. (Sept.)