cover image Digital Photographer's Handbook

Digital Photographer's Handbook

Tom Ang. DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley), $40 (408pp) ISBN 978-0-7894-8907-4

The revolution will surely be streamed as well as televised, and the slide show for the new century will projected from the desktop. This guide will have you clogging inboxes in no time; Ang (Tao of Photography), senior lecturer in photographic practice at London's University of Westminster, starts out with the very basic: he explains what the World Wide Web is and compares computers, cameras, software, and printers-before moving on to how to take better pictures. Ang then walks readers through manipulating and perfecting images (including cropping, rotation, sharpening, ""split toning"" and host of other possibilities), and incorporating old-style slides and photos into a digital portfolio. There are tip sheets in all the right places, and after every section, a ""Quick Fix"" list of common problems to help with troubleshooting. There's also a glossary and more than 1,000 color illustrations. Perhaps most useful are the screen shots of the many puzzling dialogue boxes computers offer, and careful explanations for dealing with them. In all, this is an excellent guide to a confusing realm.