cover image Baby Animals

Baby Animals

. DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley), $6.99 (16pp) ISBN 978-0-7894-9882-3

Learn Your ABC's and more DK's ""babygenius"" series introduces basic concepts with eye-catching photographs, simple text and inviting design elements. Baby Animals shows a large picture of a duckling swimming with feet submerged on the left. In three photos on the right, the duckling demonstrates ""tumbling over waddling floating"" (the feathered fellow peeks above the photos' border for ""waddling""); a path of webbed feet decorates the bottom of the page. In a similar format, the numeral proudly appears in bold colors on the right of each spread of Numbers, with familiar objects to count, from ""one happy baby"" to ""five toys for bathtime fun."" Colors features a ""big red noisy drum"" and three other red objects; blue butterflies, a green apple, purple flowers and more follow. Shapes introduces square blocks, a starfish and heart-shaped chocolates. Notes for parents on the back covers suggest ideas for introducing the concepts to little ones. (Oct.)