cover image The Goddess Chronicle

The Goddess Chronicle

trans. from the Japanese by Rebecca Copeland. Grove, $24 (320p) ISBN 978-0-8021-2109-7

Kirino (Real World) wows with her latest novel. On an unnamed small island, two sisters grow up, just a year apart in age. Kamikuu, the eldest, is destined to be the island’s next Oracle, following in their grandmother Mikura-sama’s footsteps. On her sixth birthday, Kamikuu is taken from her family to begin her training while Namima, the younger sister, is left behind, having been told she is considered “the impure one.” When, years later, Mikura-sama dies, Namima learns her fate is not to take over her sister’s lofty position but to be the “priestess of darkness.” However, Kamikuu’s younger sister has a secret: she has broken the laws of her tribe and is now carrying the child of an outcast inhabitant of the island. This betrayal only worsens Namima’s position, consigning her directly to the Realm of the Dead to serve the Goddess of the Underworld. Namima must undergo a journey, during which she encounters deceit and seeks retribution, before she can find peace. Kirino’s elegant writing brings Namima—a tragic, sympathetic heroine—to vivid life. Readers will devour this tragic story and be left transformed. Agent: Amanda Urban, ICM. (Aug.)