cover image Demi's Dragons and Fantastic Creatures

Demi's Dragons and Fantastic Creatures

Demi / Author, Hitz Demi / Author Henry Holt & Company $19.95

Marbleized-paper beasts and other mixed-media renderings leap and dance their way across metallic gold or pastel spreads in this razzle-dazzle celebration of Chinese mythology. Demi's creatures ripple with intricate design and pulsate with color: these are the ``dragons'' that parade the streets at Chinese New Year, and their otherworldly majesty is combined here with a sense of spirited fun. A short verse floating inside a bubble names the special properties (e.g., longevity, wisdom, etc.) of each dragon or animal, while a detailed glossary at the end explains its traditional Chinese symbolic value. Unfortunately the rhyming text is not entirely successful: its very brevity often obscures meaning and at times reads rather like a fortune cookie riddle. Ages 4-7. (Nov.)