cover image Swine Divine

Swine Divine

Jan Carr, Robert Bender. Holiday House, $15.95 (40pp) ISBN 978-0-8234-1434-5

Rosie the pig likes nothing better than to nosh swill from her trough and doze in the ""muck-mushy mud."" One memorable day, farmer Luke gives Rosie a good scrubbing and brings her to Mr. Porkpie's place, where she's expected to ""ham it up"" while Mr. Porkpie ""shoots"" her. Of course, Rosie imagines she's being led to slaughter, but soon she's modeling silly outfits in a photo session. A self-respecting porker can stand only so much humiliation, however, and Rosie flees the studio, hightailing it back to the farm--and her comfortable muddy pen. Carr (Dark Day, Light Night) spins a chipper if trifling story from common figures of speech. And kids will surely appreciate why this little piggy wants to run all the way home. Rosie, in all her bright, plush pinkness, dominates Bender's (The Three Billy Goats Gruff) generally dark-hued watercolor-and-pastel paintings. One spread, featuring Rosie striking a pose in a pot of springy hollyhocks, is a real giggle-getter. Ages 4-8. (Mar.)