cover image Jam: A True Story

Jam: A True Story

Margaret Mahy. Atlantic Monthly Press, $12.95 (25pp) ISBN 978-0-87113-048-8

When Mrs. Castle goes to work as an atomic scientist, Mr. Castle assures their children he will care for them and the house. Clarissa, Carlo and even baby Carlo look dubious but their father proves to be a super househusband. The little ones are happy and so is Mrs. Castle when she returns each evening to an orderly home and contented children. They are all ecstatic when Mr. Castle concocts tasty jam from the plum tree in the yard, until his masterpiece fills everything in the house and becomes their steady diet. Mahy, a British Carnegie Medalist, delivers her new story in a merry fashion and ends it with an extra jab to the funny bone, as well as a recipe for the sweet treat. The fun is magnified by Craig's inspired, cartoony illustrations in full color. (48)