cover image Newcomer Can't Swim

Newcomer Can't Swim

Renee Gladman, . . Kelsey Street, $16.95 (60pp) ISBN 978-0-932716-68-2

These four small-press poetry titles, available from the nonprofit Small Press Distribution, are published by fellow poets or poet collectives. And except for the Albon, all were designed by the poet Jeff Clark, who works under the name Quemadura.

Newcomer Can't Swim Renee Gladman . Kelsey Street , $16.95 (120p) ISBN 978-0-932716-68-2

The author of Juice and The Activist , two enigmatic prose works that investigate the ways people move in and out of cities, identities and collectivities, returns with a set of seven linked, cinematic, mostly prose works that push her researches into new territory: “From the street, into an uncom-/ mon space, then through it, and/ to the threshold of the room,/ every possible way of asking 'Is this me?' ” Gladman, who publishes Leon Works Books (see below), is here published by a Berkeley collective cofounded by poets Rena Rosenwasser and Patricia Dienstfrey. (May)