cover image Eclipse


Andy Rash. Scholastic Press, $18.99 (40p) ISBN 978-1-338-60882-3

Rash combines bold cartooning with countdown-style storytelling in this meaningfully starry-eyed view of an eclipse. “Two months ago, I learned there would be a total solar eclipse,” begins the title’s child narrator, raising a hand excitedly from the back of the classroom; “A month ago, I picked out the perfect place and time to watch.” The child next chalks an ambitious map on the school playground, rendering the eclipse’s path of totality a ribbon across it. As the eclipse nears, the protagonist orders dark glasses for viewing the event, heads with their father to a campsite, and hurries to the chosen spot. Now, the eclipse starts, and finally, as the duo view its effects on nature, “We are in the perfect place at the perfect time.” Afterward (“an hour from now... a day from now...”), the future stretches promisingly outward. It’s a breathtakingly moment-by-moment story about looking forward to, experiencing, and reminiscing about, a singular occasion—and more to come. Ages 4–8. (Sept.)