cover image CRACKING THE MILLIONAIRE CODE: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth

CRACKING THE MILLIONAIRE CODE: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth

Robert G. Allen, Author, Mark Victor Hansen, Author . Harmony

Chicken Soup coeditor Hansen and business writer Allen (Nothing Down ) promote the idea that ultimate success is achieved through four key wealth codes: the Destiny Code (discovering your place in the universe); the Prism Code (finding the path to success); the Angel Code (building the right team); and the Star Code (finding the right customers). The codes form the basis of the chapters that follow, which specify how exactly to crack each one and to create an ultimate life's work. There is some useful advice, mainly on assembling the right support system, maximizing the potential of ideas and giving back. Unfortunately, these core concepts are made unnecessarily complex by a byzantine system of related buzzwords (Serendestiny, hundredfolding). The pace is further slowed by intermittent word puzzles that repeat key adages and by inspirational quotations at the perimeter of each page. Still, there's more than enough to inspire readers to make the connection between personal passion and wealth potential. 12-city author tour. Agent, Jillian Manus. (June 7)