cover image TEEN TITANS: Family Lost

TEEN TITANS: Family Lost

Geoff Johns, , Tom Grummett et al. . DC Comics, $9.95 (136pp) ISBN 978-1-4012-0238-5

Long ago, Raven, the daughter of a demon ruler and an Earth woman, entered the lives of the supergroup Teen Titans, and her arrival almost signaled the end of the world. Years later, she's returned, and a new group of Teen Titans must save the world, but it might cost them Raven's life. Brother Blood, the latest in a line of would-be world conquerors, has captured Raven and plans on unleashing destructive demonic powers through her. As if that isn't enough trouble, another Titans foe, Deathstroke, and his daughter, Ravanger (a former Titan turned villain), want Raven dead for reasons of their own and don't care who gets in their way. The Titans must save Raven, defeat Brother Blood and his cult of followers and outwit Deathstroke, and Ravanger. The book contains nonstop action, adventure and surprises from page one, as well as a formidable task for the team. Characters act in surprising ways, a trademark of this series since the beginning. The Titans have always been about family, and this breakneck adventure showcases the lengths these heroes are willing to go in order to protect their loved ones. (Nov.)