cover image Power Girl: Old Friends

Power Girl: Old Friends

Judd Winick, Matthew Sturges, and Sami Basri. DC, $19.99 trade paper (200p) ISBN 978-1-4012-3365-5

Created in 1976 as an alternate world version of Supergirl, Karen “Power Girl” Starr has long been the victim of ever changing continuity, with her origin, character, and abilities altered to suit the passing whims of editors. In this volume, this mutable figure struggles to realize herself, embracing her identity as a business leader and rebuilding her shattered company while fighting evil with her current set of familiar powers. The writers are in no way responsible for the act of narrative sabotage committed on this volume by its editors, but this work stands as a warning of what inept editorial decisions can do to an otherwise harmless, if occasionally trite, collection of short works of fiction: not only does Power Girl’s personality shift from story to story as one might expect as writing teams change, but an important enemy is introduced only to have what may well have been an Earth-shattering conclusion resolved offstage. Artist Basri doesn’t stint on showcasing Power Girl’s famous assets, but stays within the bounds of decency. The result is an uneven work that only hints at the character’s potential. (Feb.)