cover image Halo: Contact Harvest

Halo: Contact Harvest

Joseph Staten, , read by Holter Graham and Jen Taylor. . Macmillan Audio, $39.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-4272-0249-9

The battle for humanity continues in this latest addition to the bestselling franchise based on the mega-popular video games. Narration is split between Holter Graham and Jen Taylor, who each try their very best to make the material as urgent and important as possible. However, as good as Graham is, pushing the line between corny and downright brilliant in his delivery, Taylor jumps far over the believability line, overemphasizing every word as if the audience is incapable of understanding what she's trying to say. Her cheesy dialects and over-the-top accents detract from the tension and suspense that Graham offers. Simultaneous release with the Tor hardcover. (Feb.)