cover image The Precipice

The Precipice

Paul Doiron, read by Henry Leyva. Macmillan Audio, , unabridged, 8 CDs, 10 hrs., $39.99 ISBN 978-1-4272-6313-1

Book six in Edgar finalist Doiron’s series featuring Mike Bowditch (after 2014’s The Bone Orchard) has the Appalachian Trail game warden reluctantly diverted from a romantic weekend with a new girlfriend to participate in a hunt for two young women who’ve disappeared in the deepest part of the Hundred-Mile Wilderness. Initially paired with an oddball extreme hiker, Bob “Nonstop” Nissen, Mike gets ample opportunity to display his mental and physical prowess, zeroing in on the missing hikers while battling the elements, bureaucracy, and the Dows, a family of very unfriendly sociopaths. Stage and TV actor Leyva has been reading the series since its debut. His portrayal of Mike, the novel’s narrator, has been youthful, eager, and slightly naive, entirely appropriate for the start of the character’s career, but he’s now sounding a bit jejune for an experienced game warden and too soft to gain the attention, much less the respect, of the rough customers he meets on the trail. When it comes to those tough guys, however, Leyva’s interpretation is spot on. A Minotaur hardcover. (June)