cover image The Terrorist Next Door: A David Gold Mystery

The Terrorist Next Door: A David Gold Mystery

Sheldon Siegel. Poisoned Pen, $24.95 (298p) ISBN 978-1-4642-0166-0

Implausibility mars this first in a new series set in Chicago from Siegel (Perfect Alibi and six other Mike Daley legal thrillers). David Gold, who became the city’s youngest homicide detective 10 years earlier, has thwarted the plot of Hassan Al-Shahid, a local university student, to bomb the Art Institute of Chicago. At a ceremony outside the museum to honor his heroism, Gold ends his short acceptance speech with the words “I’m glad it’s over,” just as a second terrorist blows up a nearby car. The new terrorist goes on to set off more car bombs at other Chicago landmarks, all part of an apparent campaign to free the imprisoned Al-Shahid. Readers may wonder why Gold resents having to attend a strategy meeting with the Feds after the first car bombing, while a contrivance or two toward the end may strike some as too convenient. Agent: Margaret McBride, Margaret McBride Literary Agency. (July)