cover image Runaway Groomsman

Runaway Groomsman

Meghan Quinn. Montlake, $12.95 trade paper (488p) ISBN 978-1-5420-3500-2

This charming rom-com from Quinn (The Wedding Game) kicks off when screenwriter Sawyer Castle is pressured into being a groomsman at the wedding of his ex-girlfriend and ex–best friend, who had an affair—and who happen to be costarring in Sawyer’s latest romance. Sawyer thinks he’ll be able to hold it together, but ends up causing a scene when he flips off the happy couple and storms out of the church, landing him in hot water with the studio. Pressured to come up with his next great romance movie, he retreats to California’s Canoodle Cove Cabins to work. There he runs into ER nurse Fallon Long, who’s too busy caring for her grandfather Sully, who has Alzheimer’s, renovating the cabins Sully owns, and navigating a tepid long-distance relationship, to be offended that Sawyer doesn’t remember her from their one disastrous blind date years before. When Sully mistakes Sawyer for a contractor, Sawyer plays along, finding the work cathartic and enjoying how “real” everyone is. Inevitably, Sawyer and Fallon grow closer, but neither will disrespect her existing relationship by making a move. Quinn handles hearts with care in this tender love triangle. A diverse cast, solid friendships, and some laugh-out-loud moments only enhance proceedings. This is sure to please. Agent: Aimee Ashcraft, Brower Literary. (Oct.)