cover image Algo Bueno

Algo Bueno

Robert N. Munsch. Annick Press, $5.95 (24pp) ISBN 978-1-55037-683-8

K-Gr 2-In these two new translations from the large body of Munsch's work, children are once again treated to a comic look at ordinary childhood experiences. In Algo bueno, a typical trip to the grocery store turns into a romp when young Tyya keeps filling up a cart with sweets. Her rattled father finally points to one spot on the floor and tells her to stay there and NOT MOVE. She follows her father's directions so completely that a store employee thinks she is a doll and puts her on a shelf with a price-tag over her mouth. -Tengo que ir! presents a child who insists he doesn't need to use the bathroom until the most inconvenient times, for example, on a snowy drive to his grandparents' house or after being bundled up in a thick layering of clothes to play outside. In both titles, Martchenko's exaggerated illustrations are a splendid complement to Munsch's direct and pleasantly repetitive narration. The author's popularity is already widely established, and these titles should do well both in libraries and bookstores serving children of preschool and primary grades. Coop Renner, Paul C. Moreno Elementary, El Paso, TX