cover image Binky to the Rescue

Binky to the Rescue

Ashley Spires, Kids Can, $8.95 trade paper (64p) ISBN 978-1-55453-597-2

Who doesn't love a cat comic? Although Binky thinks he's a space cat (as seen in his previous book) and his home a space station, his actions are very recognizable as classic feline. He chases bugs, jumps on the furniture, and generally makes a mess of things. He doesn't talk, though; much of this comic is narrated through captions, which express his motivations and feelings. In this case, he's stunned when he accidentally falls out a window into "outer space" and tangles with a hive of bees. Unfortunately, Binky's stuffed mouse toy, Ted, also falls into the garden, and the second half of the book follows Binky's attempts to rescue his friend. Although Binky's drawn movements are catlike, his creativity matches that of an imaginative child, providing more points of identification and amusement. Spires's skilled cartooning makes this easy to read and follow, with clear actions supporting a silly, outrageous story. Ages 7–10. (Sept.)