cover image Fluffy Strikes Back

Fluffy Strikes Back

Ashley Spires. Kids Can, $15.95 (72p) ISBN 978-1-77138-127-7

Spires returns to the world of her Binky series in a spin-off graphic novel that gleefully toys with action/spy movie conventions. Sgt. Fluffy Vandermere, a gruff Persian cat, oversees the subterranean headquarters of Pets of the Universe Ready for Space Travel (PURST), keeping Earth safe from alien insects. Deadpan narration mixes with pet-centric comedy as Fluffy fights back after the headquarters is breached: “They’ve taken hostages! And they’re torturing them!” writes Spires as invading flies spritz PURST operatives with water from a spray bottle. Crisp cartooning, a sharp sense of humor, and the lovably brusque sarge should make this a hit with Spires’s fans. Ages 7–10. (Apr.)