cover image Larf


Ashley Spires. Kids Can, $16.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-55453-701-3

Spires’s characters tend to have uneasy relationships with both themselves and their environments—from Binky the Space Cat, an adventuring feline who doesn’t leave his house, to Small Saul, a gentle pirate among ruffians. Larf fits right in with that crew, a gentle worrywart of a sasquatch who loves his peaceful, out-of-the-way life in the woods. But when he reads that a sasquatch will be appearing in nearby Hunderfitz, he realizes that his life could change for the better with a friend (“He could share hair grooming tips. And his witty commentary on cheesy movies would no longer go to waste”). Things don’t go as planned, but Larf still ends up with a chance at a furry friendship. Humor has always been a strong suit for Spires, and her drily funny storytelling (“Suddenly, Larf spots the other sasquatch! But something doesn’t seem quite right. Why are its eyeballs not moving? Is that a zipper down its belly?”) and drolly detailed illustrations (such as the beret and fake beard that constitute Larf’s “disguise”) will entertain children, older siblings, and adults alike. Ages 3–7. (Apr.)