cover image Here, There and Everywhere

Here, There and Everywhere

Chris Roberson. Pyr, $15 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-59102-331-9

If Roberson tends to tell in his first novel rather than show as he does in his short fiction (his stories have been finalists for World Fantasy and Sidewise awards), this episodic romp through the Myriad, where literally every version of events plays out, offers many felicities, not least a spunky heroine. As a schoolgirl, wisecracking Roxanne Bonaventure stumbles across a wounded old woman, who gives her a bracelet. After the woman disappears, Roxanne accidentally discovers that the bracelet, the Sofia, permits travel to any point in the multiverse. Roxanne slowly learns to use the Sofia, and later, with the help of her scientist father, to control it. Her travels then begin in earnest. But several questions dog her: Was the old woman a future version of herself? Where did the Sofia come from? And why are there so few other venues that permit cross-time stream travel in the Myriad? Just when Roxanne believes her life is over, she finds herself in the far future, with one more adventure before her--one that may answer all her questions. Clever popular culture references, amusing showdowns and true human feeling lift this well-crafted debut. Agent, Richard Curtis. (Apr. 5)FYI:This SF title is one of the first releases from Prometheus Books' new Pyr imprint.